Morris Beegle

President and Co-founder of WAFBA

Morris Beegle

Morris Beegle is President and Co-founder of the We Are For Better Alternatives (WAFBA) family of brands. After 25 years in the music and entertainment industries, he ventured into hemp in 2012 with the creation of Colorado Hemp Company. Spanning education, advocacy and entertainment, Beegle engages audiences around the world through podcasts, virtual conferences and webinars, digital and print media, radio, and live in-person events. He is an entrepreneur, business leader, and respected industry thought leader.

Under the WAFBA umbrella, Beegle produces hemp-centered events including the NoCo Hemp Expo and the Southern Hemp Expo, and he also publishes the media platform. WAFBA has a products division which includes Silver Mountain Hemp Guitars, maker of hand-crafted hemp guitars, cabinets and components; Tree Free Hemp Paper and Printing; and One Planet Hemp, an online hemp merchandise store including apparel, posters and accessories.

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