About the Event

From the creators behind Mexico's leading medical cannabis conference, CannabiSalud, comes the second Business & Investment Summit. A three-day event focused on business and investment opportunities emerging from the industrial, medical and recreational cannabis industry.

As the newest and largest market, the time has come to identify the right opportunities and alliances to start and/or expand businesses and projects in Mexico, one of the most attractive and promising countries in the world.

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Pricing and Hotel

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$500 USD - Guests
$800 USD - Non guests

  • Welcome dinner
  • Conferences
  • Networking Cocktails
  • Investment Forum
  • Closing Party
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Atelier Playa Mujeres

  • Special rate in Jr Suites with ocean view
  • Single, double and triple rooms
  • All-inclusive resort hotel
  • Reservations by calling: (998) 500 4800, Ext. 4118 and 4119
    or by sending email to: reservations@adh.com
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Fundador de Hoban Law Group y cofundador de GPS Global

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Fundadora y Presidenta Ejecutiva de New Frontier Data

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Cofundadora de Aunt Zelda 's. Aparición en el documental de Netflix “Weed the People”

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CEO global de Hemp Meds

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Vicepresidenta de Responsabilidad Social Corporativa en Curaleaf

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Vicepresidenta de la Sociedad Española de Investigación sobre Cannabinoides

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Co-Fundadora de Black Legend Capital

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Director Global Ventas y Marketing de Western States Machines

What is the Canna-Business Pitch?

CannabiSalud, through the "Business and Investment Summit", generates the opportunity to connect the creators of projects and/or business proposals with possible investors and/or those interested in joining them. This through two activities:

1. On Friday, June 16, from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm, discussion tables will be held where all attendees can participate. They will have a certain amount of time to introduce themselves, explain their business model and their main needs to the rest of the participants at their table; when the time is up they will change places and the same dynamic will be carried out. The goal is to rotate at least 3 times on different tables; there will always be a moderator in each.

2. A call for cannabis startups that require investment will be published. 4-6 projects will be chosen to be presented on Friday, October 7 before a qualifying jury, made up of industry leaders in the areas of innovation, technology, finance, consulting and regulation; as well as before private investors and investment funds. Only those who meet the requirements will be able to participate.

The call will be published on January 2023 on this page.



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For whom it is addressed?

Investors, executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, legislators, and industry leaders.

Do you only have one type of ticket?

We offer 2 types of VIP tickets: one for guests of the Hotel Atelier, which costs $500 dollars per person. The other is for those who are not staying at that hotel, which costs $800 dollars per person. In addition, there is another type of ticket that is exclusively to attend the intensive workshop on "Mexican Regulation", on Wednesday, October 5th from 5pm to 7pm at the Convention Center inside Hotel Atelier.

Is the hotel also for children?

The hotel is divided into two: Atelier and Estudio. In Atelier only adults are allowed access and it is where all the activities of the summit will take place. We have a special rate on both.

Will they give any proof of attendance?

Only those who attend the Mexican Regulation workshop. However, a gift bag will be given to all attendees.

Until what day do you have the special hotel rate?

Until September 15, 2022

Does the cost of the ticket to the summit include accommodation?

No, lodging is separate and must be reserved directly with the hotel, either by calling (998) 500 4800, Ext. 4118 and 4119 or by sending an email to reservations@adh.com