About the Event

The fourth Medical Cannabis Congress is coming to Mexico, and this time, addressing a new topic of great interest: psychedelic medicine. A two-day event focused on education and research of the cannabis plant and psychedelics for therapeutic purposes.

It's time to boost the medical cannabis industry more than ever. Health professionals, researchers, patients and entrepreneurs come together to share their knowledge and experiences. The venue is the auditorium of the Centro Medico Siglo XXI in Mexico City.

Tickets and Hotel

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  • 2 Days: Lectures in Auditoriums
  • 1 Day (Thursday or Friday): Lectures in Auditoriums
  • Workshops
  • Streaming: Auditorium 2
  • Free entrance to the Expo Zone
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  • Special rate
  • Breakfast included
  • Reservations at: +52 55 5208 0052
  • Email: lorenabeltran@cannabisalud.com


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Christine De La Rosa usa

Co-founder and CEO, The People´s Ecosystem

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Johann Balbuena usa usa

Author, Filmmaker, Advocate and Entrepreneur

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Sarah Bodnar flag

Founder & International Cannabis Policy Consultant, Golden State Public Affairs

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Vladimir Bautista usa usa

Co-founder and CEO, Happy Monkey

image description

Lorena Beltran usa

Co-founder and CEO, CannabiSalud

image description

Anthony Wolch usa

Partner and Creative Director, The Beyond Marketing Group

image description

Beau Whitney usa

Cannabis Economics, Operations and Supply Chain Expert

image description

Len May usa

Co-founder and CEO, Endocanna Health Inc.

image description

Jesús Burrola usa usa

CEO at POSIBL, Co-founder at HUMO

image description

Angel Proaño usa usa

Global Director of Sales and Marketing, The Western States Machine Company

image description

Art León usa

Sales Manager, The Western States Machine Company

image description

Josh Rubin usa

Co-Founder and CEO, Day Three Labs

image description

Juan de Villafranca usa

President, AMELAF

image description

Ruth Jazmin Aguiar usa usa

Co-founder & COO of Cannabisalud

image description

Mariana Larrea usa

Regulatory and Cannabis Attorney

image description

Danielle Ceruti usa usa

Founder of Cannalatino

image description

Bob Hoban usa

Attorney at Clark Hill,
Cofounder at Gateway Proven Strategy

image description

Keila Santos flag flag

Cannabis advocate and Founder at Revivid USA/Brazil

image description

Javier Hasse belice

Benzinga Editor,
CEO at El Planteo

image description

Alejandro Luna mexico

Partner at Santamarina y
Steta Law Firm

image description

Shirley Creagh belice

Cofounder at OLEO

image description

Richard Creagh belice

Cofounder at OLEO

image description

Carmelo Santillan spain

PhD in Sustainability, CEO at CRS Consulting

image description

Kareem Musa belice

Minister of Home Affairs and New Growth Industries for Belize, Member of Parliament

image description

Susie Plascencia belice belice

Founder and CEO at NightShift Digital

image description

Julio Sanchez y Tepoz belice

Founding partner of Sánchez y Tepoz and Associates

image description

Lic. Manuel Arturo Castro
Hernández flag

Lawyer, CEO of the holding company Jointwithus(®)

image description

Larry Ketchersid belice

CEO at Media Sourcey, Inc.

image description

Rodrigo Gallardo belice

Presidente Global y Country Manager de Xebra Brands

image description

Erick Ponce belice

Fundador y Director Ejecutivo de ICAN

image description

Genlizzie Garibay (Polita) belice

Co-fundadora y Directora de Cannativa A.C.

image description

Alex Pérez belice belice

Miembro de Clark Hill S.C. a cargo de la oficina de la Ciudad de México

image description

Christopher Chabot belice

Director de operaciones de High Times

image description

Carlos Frías flag flag

Cannabis Entrepreneur, Cofounder at Charly’s

image description

Anthony Adkins flag

Chief Revenue Officer at Higher Yields Cannabis Business Consulting

image description

Yoav Giladi flag

Plant biologist, geneticist and independent researcher and advisor.

image description

Mariano Calderón flag

Partner at Santamarina y Steta Law Firm

image description

Zev Barnett flag

CEO at Maven Hemp

image description

Patrick McCartan flag flag

Co-founded and Chief Growth Officer at Regennabis

image description

Alejandro López-Portillo flag

Entrepreneur, environmentalist, President and founder at Regenera México

image description

Chris Walsh flag

Media and events consultant, investor and cofounder at MjBiz

image description

Alberto Kuri flag

CEO and cofounder at Regenera Mexico

image description

Dr. Pedro Pierro flag

Neurosurgeon, researcher, cannabis specialist and main prescriber at Revivid Brazil

image description

Dr. Daiane Zappe flag

Head of Business Management and Cannabis Research Director at Revivid

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Patrick Martins flag

Candidate for the Presidency of Portugal, President of the Association of Cannabis and Industrial Hemp



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Do you want to be one of our sponsors and/or exhibitors?

Contact Us


Who is it for?

Healthcare professionals, researchers, pharmacists, patients, entrepreneurs, investors and policy makers.

At what time will it take place?

Thursday and Friday, October 17 and 18 from 9am to 6pm

How can I apply to be a speaker?

Send an email to contacto@amedcann.com requesting information.

Will there be stands with products?

Yes, brands and services aimed at the medical, pharmaceutical and wellness sectors may participate.

Will you provide proof of attendance?

Only those who attend the medical conferences in the main auditorium will receive a certificate endorsed by the SEP and AMEDCANN.