Jazmin Aguiar

President of The Working Group

Jazmin Aguiar

Jazmin Aguiar brings close to a decade’s worth of experience to the cannabis industry with a specific emphasis on regulation, advocacy, licensing, strategy, and social equity. A bi-lingual business development expert within the national Spanish-speaking markets, Jazmin used her experience as a Los Angeles native to bridge the gap between business owners and government officials within California and across the border. The Working Group and Roux Black, with Jazmin as president have found success and influence in cannabis licensing and social equity programs within the city and county of Los Angeles, Sacramento, Denver, and Mexico. Awarded one of the first social equity licenses within the City of Los Angeles, Jazmin understands the challenges and obstacles facing the average applicant. She provides valuable expertise, consulting and support throughout the entire application process by helping empower, shape and streamline processes. Jazmin believes advocacy, education and regulation comprehension create solid platforms of success within cannabis equity development.

Conference Title: Turning talk into action: How cannabis companies are developing meaningful social equity priorities.

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